Babies Recuse Program

One-2-One’s Baby Rescue and Treatment is a programme with its focus on babies who live in extreme poverty and need. There are so many children in Phnom Penh whose families have nothing, living in the slums and surviving by scavenging through rubbish. This programme needs sponsors – $1 a day can “rescue” a baby by supplying nourishment, immunizations and medicines. Our medical team watches over these children and provide regular up-dates about each baby, ensuring that every cent of a sponsor’s contribution goes towards the well-being of the baby. A one-off donation can provide precious life-saving food and medications for a vulnerable child. Or perhaps you have medical skills that would assist our Cambodian medical team in treating babies born into poverty. This is a wonderful chance to help a precious little baby grow into a healthy child with a future. We would love to hear from you if this touches your heart.