Seal Cambodia

Global Child Dental Fund (GCDF) and One-2-One Cambodia initiated this project. Most funding
comes from the GCDF, CamKids, and GC (Asia). Partners include the Ministries of Health and
Education, the Cambodian Dental Association, the Regional Nurses School in Kampong Cham,
International University, and Cambodia World Family. The aim is to seal the first permanent teeth of
60,000 children in Phnom Penh and Kampong Cham over the next 3 years. Fissure Sealants can
prevent decay developing in the molar teeth. At present most children in Cambodia get decay, and
most need to have one or more of these permanent teeth extracted when the decay becomes very
deep. We are working in most of the primary schools in Phnom Penh for this project, and two
partners are working in Kampong Cham. One-2-One works with a team of dental nurses, dentists
and dental assistants, along with some local and overseas volunteers.
Estimated number of children we wish to treat over the 3 years: 60,000