Save Our Students School

This SOS (Save Our Students) program is a slum-based program designed to help
children attend school and get a better education. The public school system in
Cambodia has half-day sessions. Children either attend a morning or an afternoon
session. They are required to pay a daily fee to the teacher. This cost along, with the
need to pay for school uniforms and books, are enough to prohibit many slum children
from attending. In addition, these children assist their family in earning family income, by
picking up rubbish on the streets of Phnom Penh.
We are planning for ach of the One2One SOS schools to be based in a slum where our
medical team is working and each one will essentially be a drop-in center/school,
manned by our One-2-One teaching assistants. Their job is to ensure that as many
children in the slum as possible attend the public school, by breaking down the barriers
that may prevent them from attending. We work closely with the families to ensure
success of the program. Those children who are slow learners, or who are unable to go
to the public school for any reason, or who are keen to learn more, are encouraged to
come to the SOS school, where they can receive small group teaching from our staff.
They also have the opportunity to learn English, to socialize and to study in a safe place.
We welcome visitors to come and help teach the children.
These vulnerable children need our support for a better future.