Advancing Basic Care Program

A.B.C Cambodia is a program started by One-2-One in 2011. The program is offered to orphanages. The objectives of the program are: 1. Sports activities, such as fun games, basic aerobics, and ball skills for the children. The program also trains older children to become instructors. 2. Basic dental care – relief of pain and

Happy Sports Program

—A total of 172 students from 5 different orphanages participating in the program. —Students are aged between 15 and 20 years old. —A total of 4 aerobics sessions are held across the 5 orphanages each month. —25 of the most talented students attend sessions at the 121 Motion gym once a month. —Sessions are conducted

Tough Little Children Program

—A total of 30 children from 3 orphanages currently participating in the program —Children are aged between 8 and 14 —A total of 12 aerobics classes are held across the 3 orphanages each month —15 of the most talented children attend 1 extra sessions at the 121 Motion gym once a week —Classes are conducted by 121

Takeo Gym

—Fully-equipped gym located in Takeo province —Aerobic and Artistic gymnastics training classes for both junior and senior levels- 8 hours per week —Basic, beginner and elementary English classes- 22 hours per week —Between 50 and 60 children attend the Takeo Gym each month —A total of 20 medals were won by Takeo Gym at 2014