Donations gratefully needed by One – 2 –One

1) Fluoride varnish,

2) Small round and small fissure/pear shaped diamond burs,

3) Amalgam capsules,

4) Local Anaesthetic 1.8ml, if not expired.

5) Dentine bond

6) Glass ionomer capsules, or fuji vii or fuji ix self mix

7) Composite shade A2

The above items we need and use in large quantities and are always gratefully received.


8) Plastic amalgam carriers

9) Autoclave test strips

10) wide siquevland matrix bands

11) Pop on abrasive discs and mandrels

12) Metal abrasive strips


We cannot obtain the following in Cambodia:

1) Glyceral trinitrate sprays or tablets

2) Glucagon injection

3) For our cleft lip and palate clinic we urgently need:

4) Paediatric stainless steel crowns – ALL sizes

5) A set of adjusting pliers for stainless steel crowns (crown contouring plier; crown crimping plier; crown flattening plier (Howe plier)


If you wish to donate or support with any of the item in the list.
Kindly contact us at info@one2oneworld.org. We are grateful for your kind support.