Cambodia - Residential Home

Grace and Khairos are non-profit residential homes that were established to transition underprivileged youths from dependency to independence by providing them a safe environment to immerse themselves in gaining qualifications by equipping them with the necessary knowledge, attitudes and skills for victorious living.

Grace and Khairos imparts life skills such as cooking, housekeeping, budgeting and tuk tuk driving to empower the youths with confidence, a sense of independence and decision-making.

The youths will undergo training programs, which includes learning the English language, grooming, problem solving, effective communicating, creative thinking, interpersonal relationship building and self-awareness.

The program uses a selection process to choose appropriate candidates who are keen and willing to learn.

The criteria prefer orphans or those who are poverty-stricken and vulnerable, who have no kin but possess good attitudes and teachable hearts, regardless of ethnicity or religion.

The residential homes also acts as guesthouses to specifically accommodate those visiting Cambodia to work alongside One-2-One.

Accommodation, meals and transport are packaged and reasonably priced and all profits are invested into the on-going work of One-2-One in Cambodia.

These residential homes provides its resident students with hands-on experience in management and hospitality.

We aim to demonstrate love in practical ways and strongly believe in promoting a sustainable environment.

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