Cambodia - Medical Services

Medical services in Cambodia are formed by a team of  medical doctors, nurses, midwives, medical students and volunteers.

—We have 3 Slum clinics, CCC Clinic, Mobile trip providing:

• Medical care and treatment
• Nursing care and treatment
• Maternal care and treatment
• Preventative basic health education
—• Baby Rescue and Treatment Program
• First Aid Training

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Medical Care

Medical Care includes treatment for a range of common injuries and illnesses such as:

• Dengue fever
• Acute infections
• Diarrhea
• Common colds
• Typhoid fever
• Malaria etc.

—Each patient who visits the medical clinic proceeds through the triage, consultation and pharmacy stations.

Nursing Care

—Nursing care includes health and hygiene education to adults and children and administration of basic health care including:

• Height and weight measurements
• De-worming (in line with the Cambodian National Strategy)
• Nail cutting
• Wound care
• Tetanus vaccines
• Education in basic wound care and injury prevention

Maternal Care

Maternal care —includes a range of maternal health care treatment and education/advice including:

• Prenatal and antenatal checkups
• Provision of vitamin supplements e.g. iron, folic acid
• Vaccinations
• Breastfeeding and birth control advice for pregnant women before, during and after delivery
• Gynecologist referrals for HIV testing,
• Pap smears, ultrasounds etc.

List of Medical Services/Programs