One-2-One in Timor Leste

One-2-One TIMOR LESTE is a community of people from all over the world who have the common goal of improving the lives of the vulnerable and destitute people of Timor Leste: including orphans, street children, people with HIV, and prisoners. The NGO is also committed to building up the capacity and effectiveness of talented young people, through educational sponsorships and training courses; as well as to promoting healthy living and a sustainable environment.

The Values of One-2-One are mutuality, freedom, efficiency, quality, respect, empowerment and sustainability.

The NGO provides free dental and medical care for children and adults in prisons, orphanages and deprived communities.

All members of the One-2-One TIMOR LESTE Executive and Trustees of One-2-One Charitable Trust are volunteers and do not receive any monetary payment, reimbursements or fees for their work carried out for One-2-One inside and outside Timor Leste.

One-2-One is a not-for-profit charity and all proceeds are used to help the poor and destitute. People most at-risk or who have high needs are prioritized.

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